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I'm not here to make friends, nor am I here to talk about girls, sports, cars or music. I'm simply interested in having an impact on the mindsets of young Anglophone Armenians. I want to expose the reader to an alternative perspective on Armenology, theology, history and the most important yet least understood topic on earth - geopolitics. Armenians need to be proud of the fact that their ancient homeland is the origin of human civilization. Armenians need to realize that Christ was not the Jewish Messiah. Yes, 9/11 was an inside job. I have been observing Russia since Vladimir Putin's rise to power. Putin is one of the greatest political figures in history. With the Anglo-American-Zionist global establishment's corrosive/destructive effects all around us, Putin's Russia has in fact become the last hope for the traditional nation-state and western civilization. The Caucasus is a violent and unforgiving place. Armenia's survival as a nation in the Caucasus is only made possible by the presence of a strong Russia within the region. Hail Mother Russia - the last front against American imperialism, NATO expansionism, Globalism, Zionism, Islamic fundamentalism and pan-Turkism.

The Battle For Ukraine II – February, 2014

I was really hoping that I would be addressing some other matter with the current blog entry but recent developments in Kiev have left me no choice. I would therefore like to bring your attention back to what has been … Continue reading

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